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Consulting & Coaching Methods to Engage Your Team and Significantly Increase Your Revenue

If you're running a title company, these 5 thoughts and questions have crossed your mind more than once.

  1. There are times in my office when I wish my employees would work more efficiently.
  2. Is my staff just as excited as my sales reps for the new business they worked so hard to bring in?
  3. I promoted my best escrow person to oversee the team only to have them working their files, yes, they’re answering questions but are they really leading my staff to be better at mistakes and provide the best customer experience?
  4. Can my staff really carry more files? They’re saying they can’t.
  5. What do my sale representative(s) do all week?

Commerce Consulting has had the same thoughts and struggled with the same questions. Here's how we help!

Commerce Consulting Group gets to know your team and your current workflow process. We collaborate and brainstorm with your people. Helping the staff to see that they are currently working as many individual silos within their given file and job role. 

Removing their doubts about controlling the file and having clear and written processes in place, allowing assurance and more teamwork. We discuss step-by-step who, what and how a file is processed in your office. Setting up service-level agreements and evaluating opportunities for a better process.

We change, we track and we debrief, we’re always a work in progress!

We can meet and consult with key people in your organization and mentor them to be better leaders. We assist in finding the balance between working with your sales staff, evaluating the escrow process and suggest the training that is needed for new employees as you continue to grow. Helping to eliminate the need to drop everything to train a new employee or just throwing them into the mix to learn on their own.

Mindset is an important element in which we focus on how to move towards allowing your employees to take part in the process of change. This becomes a positive part of the plan and encourages future goals.

We help to make sure the foundation of a solid culture is set, along with a plan that is clearly executed in terms of roles and responsibilities with systems and procedures. This will help to maintain a level of positive relationships within the office, often diminishing dissatisfaction overall.

Real Estate Services

In addition to Consulting & Title Insurance Strategy, we also offer Real Estate Services!

Leah Ackerman is a well-established realtor in Central Ohio with Cutler Real Estate and brings years of experience to the table. She specializes in residential real estate, condominiums, new construction homes, relocation and first-time buyer or starter homes.

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