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Meet Leah Ackerman

Leah Ackerman is the president of Commerce Consulting Group. She specializes in relationships: relationship sales, relationship service and relationship business growth.

Like so many of us, Leah came into the business by way of her Dad. Working in the family business and starting from the ground up on the escrow side, she has done it all. From start to finish, breaking down each escrow task and finding ways to improve the process. Helping and guiding the staff, picking up files and rolling up her sleeves.

It has been great to learn escrow and then go out and sell title. Her inside experience, creating a different interaction with Realtors. Partnering with clients to achieve their goals made Leah very successful. Proudly, Leah rountinely closed 100 transactions monthly and closed 200 transactions several times in her sales career.

In 2006, Leah and her family relocated to Columbus, Ohio. A place where she knew no one. She got to work and in a few short years she become a very strong player in the sales arena. So much so, she opened up a new office for a well established title company. Starting from a few orders to over 100 a month was her norm again. Her sales system and dedication to her clients have proven to work over the years. Everything was going great in Leah’s world, but another opportunity was presented to her by a real estate company. A company was expanding to Columbus.

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Not being shy of doing something different, Leah accepted a role as Director of Career Development for the real estate company. She provided immediate credibility, a known sense of professionalism, and helped the company grow. She put her title license on the shelf and also became a licensed Realtor. Only working with referral clients, she stays current with the latest Realtor tools. Taking that knowledge and sharing it with her clients in the consulting and coaching space at Commerce Consulting Group.

Leah and her husband, Todd, have two grown children. She finds love in her family, as well as the occasional round of golf, visiting with her parents in Florida, and enjoying her morning coffee with Greeley, her English mastiff, always by her side.

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